Monday, April 22, 2013

Road Trip To Sudbury

I vacationed to Sudbury recently. It's in Canada, home of maple syrup, John Kricfaulsi, and maple syrup. Oh, right, and maple syrup. Here are some pictures:
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What may be the world's largest platter of fries. Yes, I ate these--but not all of them, which is saying something coming from me.
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Here we go with pictures of the world's most amazing bathroom, located in my hotel. First off, a towel rack right behind the toilet, just in case you want to rest your head.
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An inspirational message right behind the toilet.
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Just in case one toilet paper rack wasn't enough for you.....
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A balancer in the shower. Great for keeping you from falling, especially with a hard metal dish in front of it (not shown).
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It used to be that a citrus mint was the only thing that smelled like citrus mint, but now you can, too!
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A mirror right beside the toilet, just in case you want to make faces at yourself while going.
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One final picture, no bathroom-related. There was a small comic section, though it was filled with amazing comics, helping my survival.