Sunday, April 21, 2013

The Top Cartoons Censors Don't Want You To See

There are cartoons that the censors have hidden from you. They hate it when you see these. Then, the internet came, blah blah, WMG, WMG fails, blah blah CENSORS ARE OBSOLETE.
Here are the cartoons that the Parent Groups hate:

Speedy Gonzales

"What's wrong with these cartoons?" you may ask. These were banned in 1999 and brought back in 2003 because American censors thought the sombreros were offensive. The funny thing is, Mexican folks who the Americans thought were offended actually LOVED the cartoons and saw nothing racist! That's why they came back. 

Man's Best Friend

Here we go with yet ANOTHER Ren and Stimpy controversy. There was nothing wrong in this cartoon, so it didn't air.....why? Because of the character George Liquor's last name. No, Nickelodeon did not care that it was a drink. They didn't like it because the word sounded like "lick her". Right, because that's what EVERYONE'S going to think (insert sarcasm here).
Another controversy was that Ren beats George Liquor up with an oar.
And George's tongue is out. Yes, this is part of the infamous oar scene...
....and this...

....and, um, this. Two second later, however, George is happy with Ren and appears to ave no pain inflicted whatsoever. This cartoon may not have aired in the original Nicktoon, but it was on Ren And Stimpy: Adult Party Cartoon, I think.

Bring Me The Head Of Charlie Brown

I found out that this was R-Rated too late. When I was researching cartoon controversies for a speech like this post in school, this student film came up. I saw it, thinking it was nothing, but it was gross....AND HILARIOUS!! Technically, the Great Pumpkin (who speaks like a tuba, respectively) wants Lucy, Linus, Snoopy, Schroeder, and the Kite-Eating Tree to destroy Charlie Brown, who, for some reason, transforms into the Terminator and blows them all up. As I said, gross, but funny.
And that's all for today!