Thursday, April 25, 2013

More Influences

Here are some more influences (and, yes, I drew the pictures again):

Bill Watterson had his brand of philosophical humor. Calvin and Hobbes were both named after philosophers, go figure. He handles squash-and-stretch amazingly, and is able to easily show the contrast between the realistically-drawn backgrounds and the cartoony characters.

                                    Peyo had his own humor, and it was unique. My favorite Smurf is Jokey, because I can relate to him. (Okay, except for the exploding-gift-thing he has going.) He created flexible characters, making posing them a lot funner. At least for me.

Alas, Walt Disney. Your glorious company with probably the smoothest animation ever is now being ruined with dumb live-action shows like Hanna-Montanna, Austin And Ally, Really Me, and other junk. BRING BACK MICKEY! At least they still have Phineas And Ferb and Gravity Falls for us Toon-lovers.
These are not all of my influences. I have more in my previous post, and more coming up in the next. See ya!