Friday, May 3, 2013

Good Blog Ideas

I was stumped today on what to blog about. I was thinking maybe "You Know You're A Nicktoons Fan If..", but I ditched that. Then, I looked up "blog ideas" on Google, and there was something for businesses. So, I decided to make my own list of blog ideas! ICM exclusively presents...

ICM's Blog Ideas

  1. Write a review of how yak cheese tastes.
  2. Explain why there should be a "Pope Fred".
  3. Lock yourself in a bathroom for ten hours and write what you're thinking. (IE: "I really want to get out of this bathroom".)
  4. Interview Obama and ask him if he's Vulcan on account of his ears.
  5. Slam your head against a wall for five minutes and make it a podcast.
  6. See if there's Wi-Fi in outer space.
  7. Post a petition explaining that  petitions won't really do anything, and then tell those fanfiction sickos that no matter how hard they try, Jimmy Two-Shoes isn't coming back for another season.
  8. Point out how "Gentleman" is just "Gangnam Style" played in a different key.
  9. Do a Harlem Shake! No one's thought of THAT before.....
  10. Conspiracy theory: Charles Atlas just turns 98-pound weaklings into stressed out 98-pound weaklings.
  11. Perform dental work on yourself and write about it. Be sure to use pictures!
  12. Write about your trip to the hospital after previous post.
  13. Write a list of blog ideas.