Sunday, May 5, 2013

Some Of The Stupidest YouTube Comments I've Ever Seen

I've been on YouTube. I've seen them all, sonny....I've seen cussing comments, agreement comments, questioning comments, and.....dumb comments. Here are some dumb comments, as well as my comments on these comments (by the way, if something is spelled wrong or a capital is missing, that's on purpose. These comments have not been altered):

Cartoonist Guy Says: Dude, I'm happy for you. My soap doesn't usually as arrive, so you're a lucky man.
-"yes that is a good 1 i pooped my pantys i was so happy then i through up cuase i saw poo then i looked at ur house and nothing happened :)"
Cartoonist Guy Says: My house makes you stop going to the bathroom? Wow, I didn't know it had powers.
-"Hi! i want to know titanic is true or not"
Cartoonist Guy Says: I'm pretty sure it's real, kid.
-"If harry potter dosen't exist then who wrote harry potter?"
Cartoonist Guy Says: Sorry to break it to you, but Harry Potter....wait, your question doesn't really make much sense.
-"this song is photoshopped"
Cartoonisy Guy Says: You mean you can actually do that?