Friday, May 17, 2013

More "Neighbors"

Recently, an artist with a really hard-to-remember name sold a bunch of photos to the MoMA art gallery called "Neighbors", which were photos of unsuspecting neighbors doing stuff.
This was controversial.
But what no one knew was the story behind some rejected "Neighbors".
ICM exclusively presents...

Rejected "Neighbors"

-Barack Obama writing "Hey, Arnold!" fanfiction.
-Joe Biden trying to escape USA.
-A transvestite Al Roker.

-ABOVE: Katy Perry without her makeup.
-Seth Green brutally destroying a "Robot Chicken" script where no one dies a slow and painful death.
-Mike Kunkel crying after realizing that nobody on the face of Earth has any idea what "Herobear And The Kid" is.

-ABOVE: Santa Claus's aliased YouTube show.
-Elvis. Six feet under. A disturbing picture, really.
-Psy crying after realizing he's almost beat Macaulay Caulkins for the Guiness world record on "Quickest Fade Into Obscurity".