Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Between 2012 and 2013, stupid idiots have done stupid, idiotic things. But who is the dummy king? Vote for who YOU think messed up the most in the comments! I want you to choose who will be selected as......

ICM's Biggest Idiot Of The Year

The candidates are:

-Justin Bieber,
Occupation: He....uh, "it" is a singer.
Idiot Charges: Caught doing drugs, being attacked, getting booed.

-Rob Ford,
Occupation: Mayor of Toronto, Canada.
Idiot Charges: Donating taxes to a college football team, caught doing drugs, walking into a camera, swearing at the guy holding the camera, walked out of a room in the middle of a meeting to put "Vote Ford" stickers in car windows, told reporter he thought he was strange.

-Mitt Romney,
Occupation: Governor, almost president.
Idiot Charges: Said he has binders full of women, publicly mocked Sesame Street to prove a point.

Who will reign biggest moron? YOU DECIDE IN THE COMMENTS!