Friday, May 10, 2013


Lots of stuff on the internet has a song....and lots of stuff on the internet is lame as lame gets! So, here's an ICM song!
(To the tune of "Animaniacs")

It's time for ICM-Niacs!
It's just an Obama attack.
So, just sit back and relax
You may get offended to the max!
I'm an ICM-Niac!

Come and join a cartoonist
And some recurring features, too!
I take bad movies nowadays
And make them look like poo.
I review cartoons, and whenever I get caught,
I get complaints
From people with no brains
Who think "Chrismas Story 2" has a plot!

I'm an ICM-Niac!
Take a bad movie, and I'll yak
I have lists and spoofs galore
And Photoshopping? I have more!
I'm an ICM-Niac!

Meet a guy who has no brain!
Not George Bush, he's Clueless Man!
He tries to talk about TV
As best as he possibly can!
Want a cheap discount on cheap stuff?
Dollar Or Less stores have it, man!

National Exclaimer's flipped,
ICM has no script,
This blog isn't rehearsed!

I'm an ICM-Niac!
I spoof business contracts!
The writer's zany to the max,
He puts weasels down his slacks,
Cartoonist Guy isn't brainy,
He's unnaturally zany,
Here's his business name-y, 
Being an ICM-Niac!!!!
Those are the facts.