Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Weird Things About Nicktoons

Yes, I'm back on Nicktoons, but there's something....strange....about them. Also, I found out I have the Garfield font on my laptop! But, back to Nicktoons. Here's the.....strange....things about them. These are, in my opinion, the most......strange (running joke)....things about Nicktoons:

Rugrats: "I'm Not Stu!"

This one may be a dream sequence, but it's definitely....strange.....for Rugrats.

Spongebob: "It's Good For Your Soul"

This one makes me laugh every time. For some reason.

Doug: "There's A Bomb....IN THE LASAGNA!"

I don't normally watch Doug (mainly because everyone looks like a colored Sea Monkey), but the day I decided to, this came up. It was....strange.....

Rocko's Modern Life: "Talking Foot"

This is a clip from a Nostalgia Critic review, which you shouldn't watch (because he swears later on, so, yeah....strange.....).

Ren And Stimpy: "My Ice Cream Bar"

This probably isn't the weirdest moments of the series, so I just chose a popular moment where Ren thinks his soap bar is ice cream.