Saturday, May 11, 2013

TCAF Pictures, Part One

Have you ever heard of TCAF? Well, I hadn't, either, until yesterday. It's a comic festival in Canada, so I traveled up north. Now, before we begin, allow me to get all the idiot stereotypes out of the way: maple syrup, Mounties, eh, Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksman, Celine Dion, maple leaf, hockey, etc, etc. Now we can begin.
First up, I saw that Bill Amend (of "Foxtrot" fame) was a guest there. I got him to sign a book and got some advice. I asked him how he comes up with his characters, and he told me that he makes most of his characters up out of thin air, and adds bits of personality from people he knows. See, that's a WAY better idea than what I have going, actually: I either base a character on someone entirely and hope they don't notice, or I make up a character entirely. I usually do the second one, but still.
My favorite part was when he told me he looks forward to waiting in line to get my cartoonist's autograph in a few years.
Bill Amend, drawing me a picture of Jason Fox.

Me and Bill Amend. I think I'm either holding a book or a corn dog here.

Believe it or not, Jason Fox and his signature here are Bill Amend's autograph. They do look like part of the book. I photoshopped my name out as I write this blog under the alias "Cartoonist Guy". You'll find out my real name soon.